Hi folks,

This week I spent two days at the Pharo conference in Bern and it permitted me to discuss a lot with Nicolas Petton, the creator and lead developer of Amber. When I was a student I started to implement a small game with Amber to discover its capabilities, and I improved it a little when I was unemployed during a month last September. I showed my project to Nicolas Petton, and he asked me to deploy it on the web so he can show to people what you can do with Amber.

There were some problems because my project relied on an old Amber version, and, as I developed it while I was a student, the implementation and the design were questionable. Yesterday evening I ported it to the most recent version of Amber and I disabled all the features that were not stable enough. Lastly, as the project is currently open source under a GPL license, I was able to deploy it through GitHub. Here is the current deployed version.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 6.35.46 PM

screenshot of the game

Unfortunately it looks more like a prototype than a real game. As I like Amber and I want to help Nicolas Petton to push it, I will keep updating the game during week-ends and bank holidays the next two months to arrive to a stable nice release end of May. If you are interesting in the game, please like the facebook page.

Note : it is interesting to see that on Mac OS X, with Firefox 20.0, Google Chrome 10.8 and Safari 6.0, the animations of the game are much much better on Chrome than on the two other ones. According to my code this performance depends mostly on the HTML5 canvas 2D rendering engine and on the speed of Javascript execution.