Today I was playing a bit with Athens and Cairo to understand a little how it works.

To play with it too, download the latest Pharo 3.0 alpha image here, where Athens is present by default. The first thing to do to have fun is to spawn something impressive. For example, evaluate in workspace:

AthensFlakeDemo new openInWorld.

Impressive ?

Now let’s go for some serious work. You cannot use The flake demo example to start working with athens because it is too complex and you will never want to do something like that. So let’s look at the less impressive but easy to understand and to reuse examples. Evaluate in workspace:

AthensCairoSurfaceExamples example1.
AthensCairoSurfaceExamples example2.
AthensCairoSurfaceExamples example3.
AthensCairoSurfaceExamples example4.
AthensCairoSurfaceExamples example10.

Now I wanted to do something with Athens not to forget how to use the code I saw. I decided to implement quickly some fractals. I’m not very good any more at maths so it took me almost 2 hours (to implement fractal points calcul) but here is one result that looks fine:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 1.39.29 PM

Hope you will have fun with Athens and Cairo too 🙂