*Thank you* very much for reading, following and discussing about my blog. Today my blog reached 5000 views. It really motivates me to write new posts and to continue improving Pharo and Cog.

Cog’s and Pharo’s future have never been as bright as they are now.

On the VM side, the development of Cog has recently taken a step forward. Eliot Miranda implemented the new memory manager named Spur. In addition, several people started to help the Cog’s development, the most significant may be gettimothy who fixed the simulated Morphic events in the VM simulator. As Eliot told me recently, ‘It is the first time I really feel supported in Cog’s development and this is great’.

On the Pharo side, the massive list of changes integrated in the latest releases is very impressive. To give you an idea, recently I heard that 20% of the code base was changed between Pharo 2 and Pharo 3, whereas the test coverage and the stability of the system has only improved.

The future of Cog and Pharo depends also on you, readers. If you want to support their developments, *you* can do something about it. Sometimes it can only takes you a few minutes and it helps providing the Pharo or Cog development team an extra engineer:

  • If you’re a company, a research team, a university or a somebody using Pharo or Cog, please write us a support letter that will help our development teams to get extra engineers thanks to research fundings.
  • If you’re a company, please consider being part of the Pharo consortium. It’s astonishing how a few thousand dollars can help us having an extra engineer for critical features.
  • If you’re a person, please consider being part of the Pharo association.

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Sista posts

Sista is my work on Cog’s performance (with the Eliot’s advises).

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Blog’s future

I’m going to start my phd this fall. During the 3 years of my phd I will continue working on Cog and Pharo and blog about it. So there will be new blog posts in the next three years.

Note: While reading again my old blog posts, I realize that (fortunately) my English writing skills improved a lot in the last years. So my next blog posts should be better written. I’m sorry if my previous posts were hard to read, I try to do my best.