About Me

What can I say ? I am really impassioned by Smalltalk runtime environments and I like to talk about it in this blog.

From 2012 to 2014, I have been working as an engineer in the Pharo team in Lille (France). The main projects I worked on were the new Pharo byte code compiler, an AST interpreter and the Cog virtual machine (the default Pharo virtual machine).

Since 2014, I am doing a Ph.D on high performance virtual machines. I built an optimising JIT for the Cog virtual machine showing significant performance improvements over the current production version in Pharo.

I hope to defend my Ph.D at the end of 2017. I plan then to work with Esteban Lorenzano and the Pharo consortium on various virtual machine improvements for Pharo.

English Curriculum vitae
French Curriculum vitae

Contact me: clement.bera (at) inria (dat) fr

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